Paula Goebel , B. Com.

Paula Goebel, Founder of Goebel Communications Group, delivers high-energy and practical professional development workshops and keynotes. She is a seasoned professional speaker and corporate trainer specializing in the areas of Business Communications, Leadership, and Personal Growth. With Paula's 20+ years of experience, her sessions always receive rave reviews. She has worked with numerous organizations of all sizes from across Canada. The following sessions can be delivered in a half-day or full-day format:

  • Writing Powerful Email
  • Business Writing
  • Basic and Advanced Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Succeeding in a Multi-Generational Workplace
  • Developing the Leader in You
  • Conflict Resolution


Paula in the Press - "Straight Talk"

What’s the principle trait of all great leaders? It’s not toughness or determination. It’s not vision either. According to corporate trainer Paula Goebel, it’s effective communication.  

After all, what good is your vision when you don’t have the proper means to persuade people of its virtues? “Great leaders know when to listen, know when to speak and know which channels to use when they’re communicating,” says Goebel who has been training MacEwan Business Continuing Education students for over a decade.

She insists it’s not just up to leaders to possess these qualities because employees who can’t properly articulate, whether verbally or non-verbally, are at a huge disadvantage. “Poor communication leads to miscommunication, which leads to confusion, which leads to conflict.” And, often, it’s the company that suffers for it...

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