"Paula's presentation skills were electric! She attended to learners' needs and questions with flexibility, attentiveness, and enthusiasm. The sessions were well focused and Paula moved quickly along with vigour and humour. She displayed confidence and warmth that was transferred quickly to her participants. 

"Paula customized classes, exercises, and materials for three unique organizational and training programs. Her manuals were interesting, comprehensive, and well organized. The organization's goals for the training sessions were met beyond our expectations."

  • Bev Decore,
    Training and Quality Management Coordinator
    Appeals Commission For Alberta Workers' Compensation

"Paula was hired to do several half day training sessions with our staff. She demonstrated an outstanding ability to connect and engage with our staff.  She was knowledgeable, 'real', and used appropriate humour to deliver the message.  People enjoy her style and takeaway lessons too!"

  • Barbara Penney,
    Director, Organizational Development at United Way

"Paula is an excellent instructor, who approached all content with enthusiasm and kept the class engaged throughout the course.  She provided many examples, incorporated role play and had valuable class discussions that accommodated all learning styles."

  • Trish Barrett, RPR
    Human Resources Manager, Brookfield Residential

"Paula was an excellent instructor with loads of energy and had a phenomenal ability to simplify what I have never been able to truly understand for years."

  • Chris D.

"This month I attended a two-day Business Writing and Grammar seminar through a well-known international training company. I found Paula's class more interesting, interactive, and fast paced. She provided many examples in her workbook and covered the same amount of information in just one day in comparison with the two day seminar. I really enjoyed Paula's class, and I'm looking forward to taking other courses with her."

  • Adriana N.

"Paula was very organized, enthusiastic and she knew the material well. Paula is a fun presenter and very engaging."

  • Philip K.

"Paula is an awesome instructor. Have taken several courses from her and find her information very helpful and informative. The day always flies by when she is the instructor."

  • Rebecca S.